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Based in Essex, we are a specialist supplier of quality swimming pools, spa and Chemicals For Hot Tub. Besides, our high-quality products can be also found in our stunning Essex Showroom based in Maypole Pet & Garden Centre, Maypole Road, Wickham Bishops, Witham CM8 3LX.

Pool Supplies - Pool Chemicals 4 UOur Range of Products!

We have in stock a large variety of Swimming Pool, Spa Chemicals and Treatments at competitive prices. This makes us an all-in-one retailer, enabling you to keep all your facilities clean at all times. 

Especially, during the summer when the use of home / commercial swimming pools, jacuzzi and home spas rapidly increase. This is when the hygiene of your outside facilities need to be your top priority. It is ours too! 

Chemicals For Hot Tub At Affordable Cost! 

When it comes to Spa & Hot Tub, here at Pool Chemicals 4 U, we are one of the best chemical-providers in the industry. 

Some of our most demanded products that will not only make your facilities sparkling, but will also kill all bacterias, are:

  • Blue Horizons – 3-Way Bromine Test Strips; Splasher Pool Starter Kit - Pool Chemicals 4 U
  • Instant Filter Cleaner;
  • PH Plus;
  • Rapid Floc;
  • Spa Bromine Tablets;
  • Spa FoamAway;
  • Spa Fusion Aqua Sachet;
  • Spa Hot Tub Flush;
  • Spa Multi 20g Chlorine Tablets;
  • Spa Non Chlorine Shock.

At Pool Chemicals 4 U, we have also thought about providing you with the equipment that will help you use the products listed above. Blue Horizons Floating Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

For instance, you can purchase either Floating Dispenser for Chlorine Tablets or Large Floating Chlorine Tablet Dispenser. 

These devices will then ensure that your chemicals for hot tub, swimming pools or spas are 

Used at their full potential. The latter will ensure that your relaxation facilities will stay clean at all times.

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We offer next day delivery and FREE delivery on orders over £50. You can buy online or come to the Essex showroom in Witham.

Take advantage of our range of pool, hot tub and spa based products. With discounts on everything via our online store, you’d be mad not to dip your toe into these savings!

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